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Roasters cup, Colombian Cauca. 250gm

Image of Roasters cup, Colombian Cauca. 250gm


Colombia is one of the largest coffee producing nations in the world alongside Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia. Coffee was introduced to Colombia in the early 1800s and has traditionally been recognized for it’s high altitude and high-quality Arabica coffees incredibly efficient supply lines. In recent years the Colombian farmers with the assistance of the Colombian Coffee Federation have done a remarkable job in growing and promoting the export of speciality coffee producing impeccable quality.

This coffee is grown by a group of farmers throughout the Cauca State. Most of farms are located in the Northern and Southern districts of Cauca where farm altitudes range from 1500 to 1800 masl. This group harvests coffees from around 3458 hectares of farm land across 1689 farms the average size being around 2 hectares. Majority of the farms are located in either the Northern or the Southern parts of the Cauca state. Cauca coffees provide a balanced cup with prominent sweetness, high acidity, citrus and full body.

During harvest season, the cherries are periodically picked from the trees and immature green cherries are picked-our by hand. Over-ripe cherries are separated using floatation tanks and only prime red cherry is sent to pulpers. Pulped parchment is fermented for 24-48 hours depending on the local weather conditions at the time. Then the clean, washed parchment is sent for drying. Once the coffee still in parchment is at it’s optimal moisture level, the dry parchment is sent to a milling plant in Popayan for further processing.