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3 Month Subscription- "Espresso Blend"

Image of 3 Month Subscription- "Espresso Blend"


We understand what it's like to enjoy your weekly espresso at home every week. We also know it can be a pain to have to go and hunt it down every week, and that you only remember to get it on Saturday morning when you reeeaallly want it straight away. We can solve that for you!

We hunt down some coffees that work brilliantly for espresso and we constantly look to challenge ourselves with our blends. In the Crafted Cafe we change up the blend often. Each week we will send out the very best blend that we discover that week.

All of the blends are great coffees, some of them have masses of body, others juicy acidity, always interesting and always coffees we are proud of.

Your order will come with a detailed breakdown of your blend for you.